Title 8


Division 1. Property Taxes

8.04    General Provisions

8.08    Exemptions and Deferrals

8.12    Criteria for Real Property Exemptions and Deferrals

8.16    Appeal – Remedies Available to Property Taxpayers Seeking Relief from Taxes Assessed or Paid

8.20    Delinquency and Foreclosure

8.24    Redemption, Sale and Repurchase

8.28    Statute of Limitations

Division 2. Other Assessments, Taxes and Fees

8.32    Special Assessment Procedures

8.36    Oil and Gas Property Tax

8.40    Borough Debt and Bonds

8.44    Tobacco Distribution Excise Tax

8.48    Hotel-Motel Room Tax

8.52    Alcoholic Beverage Tax

8.54    Marijuana and Marijuana Product Sales Tax

8.56    Solid Waste Collection District

8.60    User Fees