Title 4
REVENUE AND FINANCE Revised 12/15 Revised 8/16 Revised 10/16 Revised 1/17


4.04    Budgetary Organization

4.05    Marine Passenger Fee Fund Revised 10/16

4.06    Proceeds from Raw Water Sale Contracts Revised 12/15

4.09    Sales Tax

4.12    Property Tax Revised 1/17

4.17    Driver Facility Charge

4.19    Sitka Permanent Fund Revised 8/16 Revised 2/17

4.20    Miscellaneous Fees

4.24    Hotel, Motel and Bed and Breakfast Transient Room Tax

4.25    Student Activities Dedicated Travel Fund Revised 10/16

4.26    Excise Tax on Cigarettes and Tobacco Products

4.28    Investment Policy Revised 8/16

4.32    Debt Service Priority

4.35    Delinquent Accounts

4.40    Uncollectable Accounts and Bad Debt Write-Offs—Municipal Credit and Collections Policy Revised 8/16

4.42    Small Business Guaranteed Loan Program

4.44    Southeast Economic Development Fund

4.44A    Required Levels of Cash to Be Maintained in the General Fund

4.45    Long-Term Infrastructure Sinking Fund for the Repair and Replacement of General Fund Municipal Buildings, Streets, Sidewalks, Parking Lots, and Parks

NOTE:    Footnotes are numbered throughout the text and are located at the end of this title.