Chapter 1.12


1.12.010    Acts of the assembly.

1.12.020    Signatures.

1.12.030    Scope of ordinances.

1.12.040    Acts by agents.

1.12.050    Codes of regulations.

1.12.060    Resolutions--Form--Codification barred.

1.12.070    Resolutions--Passage.

1.12.010 Acts of the assembly.

A.    The assembly shall act only by ordinance, resolution or order. Law of a general, uniform and permanent nature shall be reduced to ordinance; laws of a temporary or special character shall be reduced to resolution. When the assembly expresses anything by way of command, the form of expression shall be "ordered"; when it expresses opinion, principles, facts or propositions, the form shall be "resolved."

B.    Refer to SMC Title 3, Chapter 3.01, for procedures governing adoption of ordinances and for acts required to be by ordinance.

(Ord. 08-13, Amended, 04/17/2008; Ord. 84-28 § 4 (part), Repealed & Replaced, 11/08/1984)

1.12.020 Signatures.

Each ordinance shall be signed by the mayor at its adoption, and attested by the clerk.

(Ord. 84-28 § 4 (part), Repealed & Replaced, 11/08/1984)

1.12.030 Scope of ordinances.

Every ordinance shall be confined to one (1) subject unless it is an appropriation ordinance or one codifying, revising or rearranging existing ordinances. Ordinances for appropriations shall be confined to appropriations. The subject of each ordinance shall be expressed in the title.

(Ord. 84-28 § 4 (part), Repealed & Replaced, 11/08/1984)

1.12.040 Acts by agents.

When an act is required by ordinance and the act may be done as well by an agent as by the principal, such requirement shall be construed as to require and include all such acts performed by an authorized agent.

(Ord. 84-28 § 4 (part), Repealed & Replaced, 11/08/1984)

1.12.050 Codes of regulations.

The assembly may in a single ordinance adopt or amend by reference provisions of a standard published code of regulations. The regular ordinance procedure applies, except that neither the ordinance nor its amendments need be distributed to the public or read in full at the hearings. For a period of at least five (5) days before adoption at least two (2) copies of the code must be made available for public inspection at a time and place set out in the hearing notice. Only the adopting ordinance need be printed after adoption. The assembly shall establish fees by resolution for the adopted code to be sold to the public.

(Ord. 08-13, Amended, 04/17/2008; Ord. 84-28 § 4 (part), Repealed & Replaced, 11/08/1984)

1.12.060 Resolutions--Form--Codification barred.

A.    Formal acts by the assembly not required by law to be enacted by ordinance and not being acts of a general and permanent nature may be adopted by resolution. A resolution shall have:

1.    The heading "Municipality of Skagway, Alaska";

2.    The space for a number to be assigned: "Resolution, No. ___________.";

3.    A short and concise title descriptive of its subject and purpose;

4.    Short premises or whereas clauses descriptive of the reasons for the resolution, if necessary;

5.    The resolving clause "BE IT RESOLVED";

6.    Provision for signature after the date, and designated lines for the signatures of the mayor and clerk;

7.    Attestation.

B.    All resolutions adopted by the assembly, whether at the instance of and presented by third parties, or on the motion of or at the instance of the assembly, shall conform to the requirements set forth in subsection A of this section.

C.    Resolutions shall not be included in any municipal code of ordinances.

(Ord. 08-13, Amended, 04/17/2008; Ord. 84-28 § 4 (part), Repealed & Replaced, 11/08/1984)

1.12.070 Resolutions--Passage.

A.    Every resolution shall be introduced in writing and shall be orally read before any vote for passage is taken.

B.    On any vote for passage of the resolution, all persons interested who appear shall be given an opportunity to be heard. After such hearing, the assembly may finally pass such resolution with or without amendments. First reading of any resolution shall be final and no further passage shall be required.

(Ord. 08-13, Amended, 04/17/2008; Ord. 84-28 § 4 (part), Repealed & Replaced, 11/08/1984)