Chapter 3.16


3.16.010    School district.

3.16.020    School board.

3.16.010 School district.

A.    Establishment. There is established in and for the Municipality of Skagway Borough, a school district, as provided by state law. All the land embraced within the exterior boundaries of the corporate limits of the borough shall be, and the same hereby is, established as the Skagway School District, and the exterior boundary lines shall define the extent of the Skagway School District.

B.    Name of School District. The school district shall be known as the "Skagway School District."

C.    Facilities and Buildings. There shall be public schools maintained in and for the Skagway School District in one (1) or more good substantial school buildings, as in the judgment of the borough assembly the public needs may require.

(Ord. 11-05, Amended, 06/23/2011; Ord. 10-15, Amended, 11/04/2010; Ord. 84-14, Repealed & Replaced, 09/20/1984)

3.16.020 School board.

A.    Authority. The supervision and management of the Skagway School District and the Skagway public school system shall be in a school board.

B.    Board Membership and Term. The school board shall consist of five (5) members, each of whom shall serve for a three (3) year term. Board members shall be elected in accordance with the state and borough election codes. The school board shall select from its members a president, a treasurer, and a secretary to serve for such terms as the board shall from time to time determine. If a vacancy occurs on the school board, the remaining members shall, within thirty (30) days fill the vacancy, and the person selected shall serve until the next regular election, when a successor shall be elected to serve the balance of the term.

C.    Qualifications. In order to serve as a school board member or qualify as a candidate, a person must be a qualified Skagway voter at the time of the election for membership. Before entering upon the duties of their respective offices, the school board members shall take an oath before some officer of the First Judicial District qualified to administer oaths, to support the Constitution of the United States, the laws of the state of Alaska, and the ordinances of the municipality, and to honestly and faithfully discharge the duties of a school board member to the best of the members’ ability.

D.    Duties. The school board has all the duties set forth for local school boards in Alaska Statutes Title 14, Chapter 14. The school board is charged with the duty of supervision and management of the Skagway public school system, including the appointment, compensation and control of teachers, assistants and administrative officers of the school district.

1.    The school board shall have all expressed, implied, and inherent powers under state law reasonably necessary to implement the duties with which it is charged. The board shall implement a policy of good faith and candid disclosure in executing those functions requiring the consideration and concurrence or approval of the assembly.

2.    The assembly shall determine the location of school buildings with due consideration of the recommendations of the school board.

3.    The school board is responsible for the design criteria for school buildings. The assembly, through the borough manager, is responsible for all aspects of construction of any new school facilities and all major renovations in excess of $50,000. To the maximum extent consistent with education needs design of school buildings shall provide for multiple use of the buildings for community purposes.

4.    The school board shall provide custodial services and routine maintenance for school buildings and shall appoint, compensate, and otherwise control personnel for these purposes.

E.    Budget. The school board shall submit the school budget for the following school year to the assembly by April 15th or the first Monday following April 15 for the approval of the total amount. Within ninety (90) days after receipt of the budget, the assembly shall determine the total amount of money to be made available from local sources for school purposes and shall furnish the school board with a statement of the sum to be made available. If the assembly does not within ninety (90) days furnish the school board with the statement of the sum to be available, the amount requested in the budget is automatically approved. By June 30th, the assembly shall appropriate the amount to be made available from local sources from money available for the purpose.

F.    Treasury and Accounting System.

1.    All school money shall be deposited in a centralized treasury with other municipal general funds, and the borough manager shall have the custody of, invest, and manage all money in the centralized treasury.

2.    The school board is delegated the responsibilities of the accounting system related to the school funds deposited in the centralized treasury.

3.    If at any time the school board deems it necessary or proper for the maintenance of the school system to expend a greater amount of money per quarter than that provided for under the preceding subsection, or deems it necessary to incur any indebtedness for building, altering or repairing school buildings or school property, or to furnish same with proper school furnishings, apparatus or appliances, or for any other extraordinary expenses of the school system, the members of the school board shall first submit a written statement containing the plans and specifications and a detailed description of the purposes for which said expenditures are desired to be made, to the borough assembly for its approval. If approved by the borough assembly, a copy of the statement submitted by the school board, with the endorsement of the approval of the borough assembly, showing the amount of money approved for such expenditures, shall be filed with the treasurer of the school board, and the amount shall be paid out on warrants signed by the school board treasurer for the stated purposes.

4.    Every claim payable out of the school fund shall be itemized. It shall be filed with the school board and approved in writing, endorsed on the claim, by a majority of the members of the board, including the endorsement of the school board president. All claims so approved must be delivered to the school board treasurer, whereupon the treasurer shall draw a warrant on the school board, as custodian of the delegated school funds, for the payment. The warrant must be signed by the school board treasurer and countersigned by the school board president, and shall specify for what purpose it is drawn, with the date. The treasurer shall pay the warrant from the school fund according to its tenor.

G.    School Board Treasurer.

1.    Before any person who is elected treasurer of the school board enters upon the duties of his office, in addition to the oath required of all new school board members, he shall give his bond to the Skagway School District, with sufficient sureties, in a sum to be fixed by the borough assembly, said sum to be not less than the amount that may come into the official custody of such person as treasurer but not to exceed fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00). The bond shall be conditioned that said person will honestly and faithfully disburse and account for all money that may come into his hands as treasurer. The bond and the sureties must be first approved by the borough assembly and the approval endorsed on the same before the treasurer shall enter upon the duties of his office.

2.    On the first of each month, the school board treasurer shall make a full report in writing to the board, showing the amount and condition of the school treasurer’s finances and all of his receipts and disbursements for the preceding month.

H.    School Board Secretary. The secretary of the school board shall assist the board treasurer by keeping all reports of the school board and shall perform such other record keeping duties (including minutes of board meetings) as the board may require. The secretary shall file appropriate financial reports with the state of Alaska.

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