Chapter 3.18


3.18.010    Scope and purpose.

3.18.020    Discrimination prohibited.

3.18.030    Administration.

3.18.040    Personnel rules.

3.18.050    Exempt employees.

3.18.010 Scope and purpose.

A.    This chapter applies to all departments of the municipal government. This chapter does not apply to the Skagway School District.

B.    It is the purpose of this chapter and the personnel rules adopted pursuant to Section 3.18.040 to set forth the principles and practices that are to be followed by the municipality in the administration of its personnel system and are intended to establish a fair and uniform system of personnel administration based on the merit principle of employment. "Merit principle of employment" means:

1.    Recruiting, selecting and promoting employees on the basis of their knowledge, skill, ability and willingness to perform the work, including open consideration of qualified applicants for initial appointment;

2.    Retention of employees with permanent or probationary status on the basis of job performance and behavior, including reasonable efforts of temporary duration for correction of inadequate performance or unacceptable behavior, and separation for cause;

3.    Equal treatment of employees and applicants with regard only to knowledge, skill, ability and willingness to perform the work;

4.    Rates of pay based on the work assigned and performed; and,

5.    Selection and retention of employees secure from political influences.

(Ord. 11-05, Amended, 06/23/2011; Ord. 92-13, Added, 05/21/1992)

3.18.020 Discrimination prohibited.

It is the policy of the Municipality of Skagway not to discriminate in recruitment, employment, compensation, promotion and all other conditions of employment on the basis of race, color or national origin, religion or creed, sex, age, physical or mental handicaps, marital status, changes in marital status, pregnancy or parenthood. The municipality shall not discriminate against disabled applicants or employees in employment actions, provided that the person, with or without reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential functions of the job. It is also the policy of the municipality not to discriminate on the basis of a person’s political opinions or affiliation. No employee shall aid, abet, compel, coerce or conspire to discharge or cause another employee to resign because of illegal discriminatory factors.

(Ord. 11-05, Amended, 06/23/2011; Ord. 92-13, Added, 05/21/1992)

3.18.030 Administration.

As established in Section 3.01.095, the borough manager shall have overall authority and responsibility for personnel management for all municipal departments. In reference to Section 3.01.095(C)(7), the manager shall serve as personnel officer, unless the assembly authorizes the manager to appoint a personnel officer.

(Ord. 11-05, Amended, 06/23/2011; Ord. 92-13, Added, 05/21/1992)

3.18.040 Personnel rules.

A.    The assembly shall by resolution adopt such personnel rules as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter and implement this personnel management plan.

B.    The personnel rules shall provide for:

1.    Preparation, maintenance and administration of a position classification plan;

2.    Preparation, maintenance and administration of a compensation plan;

3.    Use of employee recruitment, examination and selection methods that will fairly test the knowledge, skill, ability and willingness of the person examined to discharge the duties of the position or class for which employment is sought;

4.    Methods and types of appointments to municipal service and appropriate probationary periods;

5.    Hours of work and municipal holidays;

6.    Procedures for conducting performance evaluations;

7.    The development of employee training programs;

8.    A leave policy;

9.    Procedures for resignation and voluntary demotion;

10.    Procedures for review of disputed personnel actions and resolution of employee grievances and appeals;

11.    Policies and procedures for reduction in work force;

12.    Policies and procedures governing prohibited or restricted activities, including but not limited to political activities, employment discrimination, harassment, nepotism, drug and alcohol use and outside employment;

13.    Procedures for compensation and reimbursements of employees; and

14.    Other matters as may be necessary to carry out and enforce this chapter.

(Ord. 11-05, Amended, 06/23/2011; Ord. 92-13, Added, 05/21/1992)

3.18.050 Exempt employees.

The personnel management plan applies to all employees of the municipal government of the borough except for exempt employees. Exempt employees are employees whose positions are filled by a person who serves at the pleasure of the borough assembly and whose term of employment is determined by the borough assembly. Exempt positions are the borough manager, borough clerk, borough treasurer, chief of police, clinic administrator and borough attorney. An exempt employee is covered by the provisions of the personnel management plan except as the employee’s employment contract provides otherwise. Provisions relating to grievance, discipline and evaluation procedures apply except that an exempt employee may be terminated without cause at any time unless a term in writing of the employee’s contract of employment specifically provides otherwise.

(Ord. 11-05, Amended, 06/23/2011; Ord. 92-13, Added, 05/21/1992)