Chapter 10.10


10.10.010    Violation of adopted state provisions--Penalty.

10.10.020    Violation of Title 10 provisions--Penalty.

10.10.010 Violation of adopted state provisions--Penalty.

When a provision adopted by the municipality from state law or regulation has been violated, the penalty shall be the same as that provided by state law or regulation, except that any state law or regulation authorizing a criminal penalty or imprisonment shall not be prosecuted as a violation of municipal law. Where state law or regulation does not provide a penalty, the violation is subject to a civil fine established by resolution.

(Ord. 15-07, Amended, 03/05/2015; Ord. 11-18, Amended, 09/01/2011; Ord. 84-15 § 4 (part), Repealed & Replaced, 09/13/1984)

10.10.020 Violation of Title 10 provisions--Penalty.

For violations of this title not adopted from state law, refer to Chapter 1.20, General Penalty. Violations of this title are subject to civil fines established by resolution, unless a specific penalty is stated immediately following the statement herein of the legal duty which has been violated.

(Ord. 15-07, Amended, 03/05/2015; Ord. 14-17, Amended, 08/07/2014; Ord. 84-15 § 4 (part), Repealed & Replaced, 09/13/1984)