Chapter 13.04


13.04.010    Municipally operated utilities.

13.04.010 Municipally operated utilities.

A.    The municipally operated water system water quality protection (sewer) system and the solid waste and disposal system are public utilities, and shall be operated in a businesslike manner. These public utilities, and such other public utilities and enterprises as the assembly may require, shall be operated from a fund separate from the general fund. An accounting system for each such fund shall be established within the general accounting system of the municipality, and shall be set up and maintained so as to reflect the financial condition of each enterprise and its income and expense. All balance sheets and statements of income and expense (profit and loss) shall be made for each enterprise annually and as often as the assembly may require, and published annually in a condensed form.

B.    None of the income, money, resources or property of the water system, sewer system or solid waste system shall be placed in the general fund or be used for the benefit of anything outside of the fund to which it belongs without due compensation or due value received in return; provided, that this shall not prohibit payment into the general fund by such utilities of an amount in lieu of taxes reasonably estimated to be the amount which the utilities would pay in taxes if the utilities were privately owned.

(Ord. 12-02, Amended, 2/16/2012; Ord. 84-19 § 5 (part), Repealed & Replaced, 10/11/1984)