Chapter 15.10


15.10.010    Building numbering system.

15.10.020    Applicability and compliance.

15.10.010 Building numbering system.

The NS-EW rectangular grid survey, as depicted on the borough maps, is the basis for establishing of the municipality’s site-numbering system. The base lines for designation of N – S and E – W numbering series are First Avenue and Spring Street, respectively.

A.    East-West Avenues, Numbering Series. Buildings located on avenues shall be numbered from east to west. All buildings east of Spring Street shall be assigned numbers in the 100 series; buildings between Spring Street and Broadway Street shall be numbered in the 200 series; between Broadway and State in the 300 series; between State and Main in the 400 series; between Main and Alaska in the 500 series; and west of Alaska Street in the 600 series. Buildings located on the south side of avenues shall be assigned odd numbers and buildings on the north side even numbers.

B.    North-South Streets, Numbering Series. Buildings located on streets shall be numbered from south to north. Buildings between First and Second Avenue shall be numbered in the 100 series; between Second and Third in the 200 series through between 22nd and 23rd Avenues, in the 2200 series. Buildings on the east side of the streets shall be assigned even numbers, and buildings on the west side odd numbers.

C.    Buildings Located South of First Avenue. Buildings located to the south of First Avenue shall be assigned the series number, prefixed by the word "South," which would pertain if the street or avenue block grids were extended.

D.    Number Assignments. The location of the front or main entrance to a building shall determine the number assigned and, for buildings located on the corner of a street or avenue, the designation as a street or avenue location.

E.    Types and Locations of Numbers. The building numbers shall be Arabic, and of sufficient size and so located on the building or close by the main entrance, as to be clearly visible from the street or avenue upon which the building fronts.

(Ord. 08-06, Amended, 02/21/2008; Ord. 84-20, Repealed & Replaced, 10/11/1984)

15.10.020 Applicability and compliance.

The numbering system shall be applicable to all buildings within the municipal boundaries. There shall be no penalty for noncompliance other than that owners or occupants of unnumbered buildings may suffer safety hazards or inconvenience.

(Ord. 84-20, Repealed & Replaced, 10/11/1984)