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Chapter 2.56


2.56.010    Established—Composition—Appointment and terms of members—Chairman.

2.56.020    Powers and duties—Meetings.

2.56.030    Quorum and voting.

2.56.040    Code references.


2.56.010 Established—Composition—Appointment and terms of members—Chairman.

There is established a city ports and harbor commission which shall consist of seven members who shall be appointed by the mayor, with approval by the city council. The terms of the commission members shall be for three years or until their successors have been appointed and approved. The term of two members shall expire each year with the additional term expiring every third year. Vacancies shall be filled in the same manner as the commissioners are appointed. The commission shall elect its chairman from among the appointive members. The initial members of the commission shall be those individuals appointed to the former transportation commission who shall serve out the terms for which they were appointed. (Ord. 96-16 § 1 (part))

2.56.020 Powers and duties—Meetings.

A.    The commission may recommend to the city council policies relating to the city’s port and harbor and transportation issues including, but not limited to seaport, airport and land terminals.

B.    The commission shall review and advise the city council on the following areas of public interest and concern:

1.    Valdez port, including all docks: development, design, operation, maintenance, tariffs and fees and stevedore services;

2.    Valdez airport: development, design, operation, maintenance, tariffs and fees;

3.    Alaska Marine Highway: equipment, schedules, services and docks;

4.    Vehicles for hire, taxicabs, buses and limousines: franchises, fares, routes and services;

5.    Hostler and cartage: service and tariffs within the city limits;

6.    Integration of systems: general integration of the air, highway and water transportation systems with the general and industrial development of the city;

7.    Valdez small boat harbor: development, design, operation, maintenance, tariffs and fees.

C.    The commission shall meet at least once a month. The commission shall cause minutes of each meeting to be recorded and forwarded to the council through the city manager.

D.    The commission may adopt such rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry on its duties.

E.    The commission may appoint, from time to time, committees of local citizens to aid it in its duties, including but not limited to investigations and reports relating to specific items. Such committees shall serve at the pleasure of the commission. (Ord. 96-16 § 1 (part))

2.56.030 Quorum and voting.

A quorum of the ports and harbor commission for the conduct of any meeting or public hearing shall be a majority of the commission. No actions shall be taken by the commission except by concurrence of at least four members. (Ord. 96-16 § 1 (part))

2.56.040 Code references.

Any references in this code to “transportation commission” shall be interpreted to mean “ports and harbor commission.” (Ord. 96-16 § 1 (part))

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The Valdez Municipal Code is current through Ordinance 14-7, passed December 15, 2014.

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