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Chapter 17.40


17.40.010    Intent.

17.40.020    Permitted principal uses and structures.

17.40.030    Permitted accessory uses and structures.

17.40.040    Conditional uses.

17.40.050    Prohibited uses and structures.

17.40.060    Minimum lot requirements.

17.40.070    Minimum setback requirements.

17.40.080    Maximum lot coverage by all buildings and structures.

17.40.090    Maximum height of buildings and structures.

17.40.100    Required off-street parking and loading.

17.40.110    Signs.


17.40.010 Intent.

The HI-G (heavy industrial, gravel extraction) district is intended for gravel extraction as a primary use. This includes the mining of gravel, stockpiling, sorting operations, weighing areas and heavy truck traffic. Other heavy industrial uses not associated with gravel extraction, commercial and retail uses are not allowed in the HI-G district. Residential uses are prohibited. (Ord. 03-15 § 18 (part): prior code § 30-26.1(a))

17.40.020 Permitted principal uses and structures.

In an HI-G zone, the following uses and structures are permitted outright:

A.    Gravel extraction;

B.    Storage and stockpile sites. (Ord. 03-15 § 18 (part): prior code § 30-26.1(b))

17.40.030 Permitted accessory uses and structures.

In an HI-G zone, the following uses and structures, which are incidental to the permitted principal uses and structures listed in Section 17.40.020, are permitted:

A.    Automobile and truck parking in conjunction with permitted uses;

B.    Scales for the purpose of weighing gravel;

C.    Activities which process the gravel excavated, such as but not limited to concrete plants and asphalt plants;

D.    Watchman’s facilities;

E.    Small wind energy systems in conformance with Section 17.48.150. (Ord. 08-11 § 16: Ord. 03-15 § 18 (part): prior code § 30-26.1(c))

17.40.040 Conditional uses.

Resource extraction other than gravel. (Ord. 03-15 § 18 (part): prior code § 30-26.1(d))

17.40.050 Prohibited uses and structures.

Any uses or structures not of a character indicated under permitted principal uses and structures are prohibited. (Ord. 03-15 § 18 (part): prior code § 30-26.1(e))

17.40.060 Minimum lot requirements.

A.    Lot width: two hundred feet.

B.    Lot area: four thousand square feet. (Ord. 03-15 § 18 (part): prior code § 30-26.1(f))

17.40.070 Minimum setback requirements.

A.    Front yard, side yard and rear yard: subject to building code regarding fire walls and separation of structures.

B.    Fifty feet from any locally used road. (Ord. 03-15 § 18 (part): prior code § 30-26.1(g))

17.40.080 Maximum lot coverage by all buildings and structures.

Unrestricted within setbacks. (Ord. 03-15 § 18 (part): prior code § 30-26.1(h))

17.40.090 Maximum height of buildings and structures.

Unrestricted. (Ord. 03-15 § 18 (part): prior code § 30-26.1(i))

17.40.100 Required off-street parking and loading.

Adequate off-street parking and loading spaces shall be provided in connection with any permitted use in accordance with the requirements set forth in Sections 17.48.100 and 17.48.110. (Ord. 03-15 § 18 (part): prior code § 30-26.1(j))

17.40.110 Signs.

Signs may be allowed in conjunction with any permitted use subject to the provisions of Section 17.48.090. (Ord. 03-15 § 18 (part): prior code § 30-26.1(k))

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