Chapter 1.16


1.16.010    Working prisoners.

1.16.010 Working prisoners.

All prisoners confined in jail or other authorized prison, if their health permit, may be compelled to work, by the chief of police or his authorized representative, on the public streets, avenues, alleys, parks, or other public premises or property. It shall be the duty of the chief of police, subject to the control of the borough manager, and in cooperation with heads of departments concerned, to direct where the work shall be performed. It shall be the duty of the head of the department in charge of the streets, premises, or property on which the work is to be performed, by himself or by his authorized representative, to oversee such work. If a guard is necessary, the chief of police shall provide such guard. [Ord. 204 § 5, 1966; prior code § 30.10.030.]