Chapter 2.12


2.12.010    Regular elections – Time.

2.12.020    Regular elections – Notice.

2.12.030    Regular elections – Subjects.

2.12.040    Special elections – Time.

2.12.050    Special elections – Date.

2.12.060    Special elections – Notice.

2.12.070    Election – Publication requirements and notice.

2.12.010 Regular elections – Time.

There shall be a regular election in the borough on the first Tuesday in the month of October in each year for the election of borough officials or any ballot propositions or issues. [Ord. 782 § 7, 2006; Ord. 199 § 5, 1967; prior code § 36.15.010.]

2.12.020 Regular elections – Notice.

At least 20 days before any annual election the borough clerk shall post and publish, or cause to be posted and published, at least once, notices thereof in three conspicuous places within the borough limits, which said notices may be substantially in the following form:


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on the _____________ day of October, in the year _______, there will be held in the City and Borough of Wrangell, Alaska, an election for the purpose of (here insert officers to be elected or proposition to be voted upon). The polls for said election will be open at 8:00 a.m. on the said day and will close at 8:00 p.m. on the same day.

Each voter must have the qualifications prescribed by state law. Each voter shall be registered to vote in the precinct in which that person seeks to vote in municipal elections. A voter that desires to vote in a municipal election whose name does not appear on the precinct list provided by the State of Alaska for said municipal election shall be required to vote a questioned ballot.

[Ord. 782 § 8, 2006; Ord. 491 § 6, 1986; Ord. 272 § 7, 1972; prior code § 36.15.020.]

2.12.030 Regular elections – Subjects.

At any regular election the voters shall vote upon the election of officers to fill vacancies and, in addition, upon any question or proposition which may be submitted by the assembly by resolution or ordinance for ratification by the voters or for an expression of public opinion by them. [Ord. 782 § 9, 2006; Ord. 199 § 5, 1967; prior code § 36.15.030.]

2.12.040 Special elections – Time.

There may be special elections called by the assembly in its discretion at any time or times subject only to the requirements of notice and the applicable laws and ordinances governing the subject of the proposition or question submitted at that election. [Ord. 199 § 5, 1967; prior code § 36.16.010.]

2.12.050 Special elections – Date.

The resolution, ordinance or proclamation calling a special election shall fix the date of the election. [Ord. 491 § 7, 1986.]

2.12.060 Special elections – Notice.

Notice shall be given by both publication and posting as in the case of regular elections. Notice of an election shall be given at least 20 days prior to the election. [Ord. 782 § 10, 2006; Ord. 659 § 5, 1999; Ord. 491 § 7, 1986.]

2.12.070 Election – Publication requirements and notice.

Special publication requirements exist which may affect the ability to hold an election on a certain date, and may alter the notice requirements for an election. The publication requirements are set by charter, ordinances and state law. [Ord. 782 § 11, 2006.]