Chapter 3.06


3.06.010    Appointment and removal.

3.06.020    Powers and duties.

3.06.030    Acting borough manager.

3.06.010 Appointment and removal.

A. The borough assembly shall appoint a borough manager by a majority vote of its membership. A borough manager is chosen on the basis of administrative qualifications and receives compensation set by the borough assembly. No borough assembly member may be appointed borough manager or acting borough manager sooner than one year after leaving office except by a vote of three-fourths of the authorized membership of the borough assembly.

B. The borough manager holds office at the pleasure of the borough assembly and may be removed by a majority vote of the full membership of the borough assembly by a vote of confidence with or without cause. The borough manager serves at the pleasure of the borough assembly. The borough assembly may suspend or remove the borough manager at any time.

C. The borough assembly shall choose the borough manager on the basis of executive and administrative qualification. At the time of the appointment, the borough manager need not be a resident of the borough or state but, during his tenure in office, shall reside within the borough. [Ord. 803 § 1, 2007.]

3.06.020 Powers and duties.

The borough manager shall be responsible and accountable to the borough assembly for administration of all borough affairs placed in his or her charge and shall follow and enforce the municipal laws of the borough charter, code, personnel policies and employee handbook, including carrying out the directives of the borough assembly. The borough manager shall serve as the borough’s chief administrative officer.

The borough manager shall:

A. Appoint, employ and when necessary for the good of the borough or service, lay off, suspend, demote and/or remove any administrative department heads, officers and employees except as otherwise provided by ordinance. The borough manager shall not have any governing power over the borough attorney or the borough clerk.

B. Submit an operating budget and financial report regarding budget standings to the borough assembly for each quarter during the calendar year, no later than 30 days after each calendar year quarter.

C. Submit an annual budget and capital improvement program to be adopted for consideration by the borough assembly.

D. Make and submit monthly financial and delinquent account reports to the borough assembly from each borough department and other reports on municipal finance standings and operations as required or requested by the borough assembly. Make these records and reports available for public review.

E. Exercise custody over all real and personal property of the municipality as provided by borough ordinance.

F. The borough manager and/or acting borough manager shall perform other duties required by law and the borough assembly, and shall serve as personnel officer, unless the borough assembly authorizes the borough manager to appoint a personnel officer.

G. The borough manager shall countersign all borough checks.

H. Submit all borough contracts and projects together with the borough manager’s recommendations to the borough assembly for its prior approval, except as otherwise provided by ordinance.

I. Monitor and administer the performance of all contracts within the budget amount previously approved by the borough assembly.

J. Submit all borough attorney communication received by the borough manager to the borough assembly no later than the next regular borough assembly meeting following its receipt, with the exception of matters of appeals and personnel.

K. Attend all borough assembly meetings and shall have the right to take part in discussion when requested to do so by the mayor or borough assembly, but shall not have the right to vote.

L. The borough manager shall have authority to authorize consultation of legal services by any of the administrative departments, divisions, commissions and boards of the City and Borough of Wrangell. The borough manager shall have authority to approve contracts for the services of legal counsel for any department, division, commission or board of the City and Borough of Wrangell. The departments, divisions, commissions and boards shall not contract for or otherwise engage the services of legal counsel and specifically do not have any authority to enter any agreements or contracts or otherwise engage the services of legal counsel without prior approval of the borough manager. [Ord. 852 § 1, 2011; Ord. 803 § 1, 2007.]

3.06.030 Acting borough manager.

If the borough manager is absent from the borough or is unable to perform the borough manager duties, the borough manager may appoint an officer of the borough or department head to serve as the acting borough manager until the borough manager returns. This borough manager appointment may be superseded by the borough assembly. [Ord. 811 § 1, 2008; Ord. 803 § 1, 2007.]