Chapter 3.08


3.08.010    Established.

3.08.020    Functions and duties.

3.08.010 Established.

There shall be an office of the borough clerk who shall be an officer of the borough. The clerk shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the borough assembly for an indefinite term and shall have supervision and control of the borough clerk’s office. [Ord. 387 § 5(a), 1979.]

3.08.020 Functions and duties.

The functions and duties of the borough clerk shall be to perform all of the duties required of this office as set out in this chapter or as may be set out by the Charter and ordinances of the borough or by state law which is made specifically applicable to home rule, and such other duties and functions that are not in conflict therewith as may be required of the borough clerk, including the following:

A. Give notice of the time and place of meetings to the assembly or the assembly and to the public;

B. Maintain and make available for public inspection an indexed file of the municipal ordinances, resolutions, rules, regulations and codes, and enroll in the book or books kept for the purpose all ordinances and resolutions passed by the assembly;

C. Attest deeds and other documents;

D. Perform other duties specified in this chapter or prescribed by the assembly;

E. Attend meetings of the assembly; serve as clerical officer of the assembly and be responsible for the recording, filing, indexing and safe keeping of the journal of the proceedings of the assembly;

F. Be physical custodian of all deeds, documents, records, and archives or any other official document of the borough;

G. Keep and maintain all election records and have custody of all property used in connection with elections;

H. Be custodian of the seal of the borough and attest and affix the seal to documents when required in accordance with the Charter, law or ordinances;

I. Keep a correct and up-to-date record of the borough boundaries and changes therein;

J. Be responsible for filing all Charter amendments and other instruments required by state law with the appropriate state agencies;

K. Publish all adopted ordinances and resolutions of the assembly as required by law and all legal notices required by law or ordinances;

L. Notify the appointing authority of the impending expiration of the term of office of a member of any board or commission, and notify any member of the impending termination of an appointment to a board or a commission by virtue of nonattendance or absence, said notice to be given at least 30 days before such expiration or impending termination; failure to give such notice of expiration or termination shall not affect the expiration of the term or the termination of the appointment;

M. Be charged with custody of the official bonds of borough employees except the bond of the borough clerk which bond shall be in the custody of the director of finance. [Ord. 387 § 5(b), 1979.]