Chapter 3.16


3.16.010    Appointment and salary.

3.16.020    Powers and duties generally.

3.16.030    Reports to assembly.

3.16.040    Power to enforce vaccinations.

3.16.050    Investigation of communicable diseases.

3.16.060    Power to quarantine.

3.16.070    Quarantine restrictions.

3.16.080    Power to disinfect premises.

3.16.090    Penalty for violations.

3.16.010 Appointment and salary.

The borough assembly shall appoint a health officer, who will hold office during the pleasure of the borough assembly, and who shall receive for his services required, performed by him, such compensation as the borough assembly may from time to time determine. [Ord. 225 § 5, 1969; prior code § 42.10.010.]

3.16.020 Powers and duties generally.

A. The health officer may, whenever he deems it necessary, examine, or cause to be examined by some competent physician, all persons entering the borough from any town, city, district, location, state or other place when the officer has reason to believe there are any cases of cholera, yellow fever, small pox, or other contagious or infectious diseases; and for the purpose of making such examination, the health officer shall have authority to enter any ship, steamboat or other watercraft, or any vehicle; and the health officer may direct and enforce the cleansing and purifying of any such ship, steamboat or other watercraft, or any vehicle; and the health officer may provide, by and with the consent of the borough assembly, a suitable place for the temporary detention of persons who have been exposed to the infection of cholera, yellow fever, small pox or other infectious or contagious diseases, and the health officer shall have the power to order and compel said person or persons to remain in such place of detention for such time as may be necessary, and to forbid and prevent any and all communications with such person or persons. The health officer shall have the power to forbid or prevent any and all persons living or being in or about such house or premises where any person has been sick with small pox, cholera, yellow fever or any other infectious or contagious disease, and from leaving such house or premises without first having obtained permission to do so from the health officer.

B. It shall be the duty of the health officer to enforce all ordinances containing provisions for the protection of public health; to make inspections of foodstuffs and of the premises used for storing or selling of provisions as may be provided by ordinance; and he shall perform such other duties and functions as may be required by statute or ordinance. [Ord. 225 § 5, 1969; prior code § 42.10.020.]

3.16.030 Reports to assembly.

The health officer shall make such reports to the borough assembly as may be required. He shall also make recommendations for rulings, orders or ordinances respecting the public health whenever he is requested to do so, or whenever he deems it necessary or advisable. [Ord. 225 § 5, 1969; prior code § 42.10.030.]

3.16.040 Power to enforce vaccinations.

The health officer may enforce compulsory vaccination on persons or passengers coming from infected places or parts and, when he deems it necessary for the promotion and protection of health of the borough, may also enforce compulsory vaccination of the inhabitants. [Ord. 225 § 5, 1969; prior code § 42.10.040.]

3.16.050 Investigation of communicable diseases.

The health officer shall make it his duty to investigate all cases where it is alleged that cases of communicable, infectious, or contagious diseases are said to exist and, whenever he may deem it necessary, may remove or order the removal from the premises occupied any person having such communicable, infectious or contagious disease, and the expense of removal shall be paid by the borough. [Ord. 225 § 5, 1969; prior code § 42.10.050.]

3.16.060 Power to quarantine.

The health officer shall have charge of the enforcement of the quarantine rules. Whenever a case of small pox, cholera, yellow fever, diphtheria or scarlet fever or other contagious, infectious, or communicable disease shall be found to exist, the health officer shall have the power and authority to place any premises within which a contagious or epidemic disease occurs under quarantine, and he shall cause suitable notice setting forth the facts to be posted in appropriate places and shall determine the time when the quarantine ends. [Ord. 225 § 5, 1969; prior code § 42.10.060.]

3.16.070 Quarantine restrictions.

No person or persons except a physician, clergyman, undertaker, or those having written permits from the health officer shall enter or depart from any house where small pox, yellow fever, cholera, diphtheria, or scarlet fever exists or while the corpse of any person who has died of such disease remains within the house, nor within 10 days thereafter, or until the building and its contents have been disinfected or otherwise disposed of to the satisfaction of the health officer. [Ord. 225 § 5, 1969; prior code § 42.10.070.]

3.16.080 Power to disinfect premises.

The health officer shall have power during the prevalence of an epidemic to fumigate and disinfect any premises which in his judgment require disinfection. [Ord. 225 § 5, 1969; prior code § 42.10.080.]

3.16.090 Penalty for violations.

Any person who resists or attempts to resist the entrance of the health officer into any boat, vessel, building, room, lot or other place in this borough or waterfront adjacent thereto while in the performance of his duty, or any person who neglects to comply with the lawful orders of the health officer, or resists such health officer in the discharge of his duty, or who violates any of the provisions of this chapter shall be punishable as provided for in WMC 1.20.010. [Ord. 833 § 61, 2009; Ord. 290 § 5, 1973; prior code § 42.10.090.]