Chapter 3.24


3.24.005    Department generally – Chief.

3.24.010    Reports by fire chief.

3.24.020    Composition.

3.24.030    Duties of department.

3.24.005 Department generally – Chief.

There shall be a fire department, the head of which shall be the fire chief, appointed by the borough manager for an indefinite term. The fire chief shall be an officer of the borough and shall have supervision and control of the fire department. [Ord. 739 § 4, 2004.]

3.24.010 Reports by fire chief.

The fire chief shall give a complete annual report concerning the department in general, including suggestions and recommendations for improvements. [Ord. 694 § 4, 2000; Ord. 251 § 5, 1970; prior code § 3.30.010.]

3.24.020 Composition.

A. The borough manager shall select a fire chief to serve for an indefinite term with compensation to be from time to time determined by the borough assembly.

B. The borough manager shall also select as many persons as shall from time to time be necessary to serve as fire wardens, but shall in no event select more than three fire wardens. Fire wardens shall also serve at the pleasure of the borough manager and at a rate of compensation to be from time to time determined by the assembly.

C. The remainder of fire department personnel shall continue to be comprised of volunteers until such time as the assembly by ordinance shall provide otherwise. [Ord. 251 § 5, 1970; prior code § 3.30.020.]

3.24.030 Duties of department.

A. Fire Fighting Duties. It shall be the duty of the fire department to extinguish fires; to rescue persons endangered by fire; to resuscitate and to administer first aid to persons injured in or about burning structures or elsewhere in case of an emergency; to promote fire prevention; and unless otherwise provided, to enforce all ordinances relating to fires, fire prevention, and safety of persons from fire in theaters, stores, and other public buildings. The fire department shall not be required to respond to fires outside the limits of the borough/state-maintained roaded system on Wrangell Island, unless contractually obligated to do so.

B. Search and Rescue Duties. It shall be the duty of the fire department to carry out all search and rescue operations, under the supervision of the fire chief or his designee. For the purposes of search and rescue operations, the fire department may, in its discretion, respond to situations arising both within and without the borough limits. [Ord. 833 § 12, 2009; Ord. 569 § 4, 1991; Ord. 251 § 5, 1970; prior code § 3.30.030.]