Chapter 3.28


3.28.005    Department generally – Chief.

3.28.010    Reports by chief.

3.28.020    Personnel.

3.28.030    Powers and duties.

3.28.005 Department generally – Chief.

There shall be a police department, the head of which shall be the police chief. [Ord. 740 § 4, 2004.]

3.28.010 Reports by chief.

The chief of police shall make a complete annual report concerning the department in general, including suggestions and recommendations for improvements. Said report shall also contain statistics on criminal acts committed within the borough. [Ord. 695 § 4, 2000; Ord. 251 § 5, 1970; prior code § 3.35.010.]

3.28.020 Personnel.

A. The borough manager shall select a chief of police who shall serve for an indefinite term with compensation to be from time to time determined by the borough assembly. The chief of police shall be an officer of the borough, and shall have supervision and control of the police department. The chief of police shall select personnel to serve as police officers and staff members. All such appointments, and the number thereof, shall require approval by the borough manager.

B. A person may not be employed as a City and Borough of Wrangell corrections officer unless, not later than one year from the date of hire or the expiration of the probationary period, whichever is longer, the person has been certified by the Alaska Police Standards Council under AS 18.65.242.

C. All persons employed in any City and Borough of Wrangell correctional facility must meet the requirements of AS 18.65.130 through 18.65.290 that are applicable to municipal correctional officers. [Ord. 704 § 4, 2001; Ord. 251 § 5, 1970; prior code § 3.35.020.]

3.28.030 Powers and duties.

It shall be the duty of the police department to apprehend and arrest and bring to justice all violators of the ordinances of the borough; to suppress all riots, affrays, and unlawful assemblies which may come to their knowledge, and generally to keep the peace; to serve all warrants, writs, executions, and other processes properly directed and delivered to them; to apprehend and arrest persons violating federal or state laws as provided by law, and turn them over to property authorities; and in all respects to perform all duties pertaining to the offices of policemen. The police department shall have charge of and operate the borough jail. [Ord. 251 § 5, 1970; prior code § 3.35.030.]