Chapter 3.36


3.36.010    District established.

3.36.020    Board functions.

3.36.030    Membership – Qualifications.

3.36.040    Vacancies.

3.36.050    Policy manual.

3.36.060    School budget.

3.36.070    Meetings.

3.36.010 District established.

There is established a school district in the borough. The boundaries of the school district shall perpetually be the same as the boundaries of the borough. The school district shall be known as the School District of the City and Borough of Wrangell, Alaska. [Ord. 239 § 1969; prior code § 33.10.010.]

3.36.020 Board functions.

The duties of the school board shall be the administration, management, and policy formulation pertaining to educational, fiscal, and other affairs of the school district within the limitations prescribed by statute and the Charter. [Ord. 289 § 5, 1973; prior code § 33.20.010.]

3.36.030 Membership – Qualifications.

The school board shall be comprised of five members. The term for each member shall be three years and until a successor takes office. A newly elected school board member shall take his respective office on the first Monday after the election from which day the term of office shall be deemed to run. A candidate for the school board must have the same qualifications as are necessary to be a municipal voter as set forth in Chapter 2.08 WMC. [Ord. 289 § 5, 1973; prior code § 33.20.020.]

3.36.040 Vacancies.

If a vacancy occurs on the school board, the vacancy shall be filled within 30 days by such procedure as established by school board policy. The person selected shall serve until the next regular election when a successor shall be elected to serve the balance of the term. [Ord. 888 § 2, 2014; Ord. 289 § 5, 1973; prior code § 33.20.030.]

3.36.050 Policy manual.

The procedures for governing the public and internal affairs of the school board, including meetings, notices, and executive sessions, shall be as promulgated by the school board and published as a separate section in the policy manual and bylaws. [Ord. 289 § 5, 1973; prior code § 33.20.040.]

3.36.060 School budget.

The Wrangell school board shall submit the annual school budget by May 1st of each year. The assembly shall appropriate the amount to be made available from local sources from money available for the purpose by June 30th of each year. [Ord. 622 § 4, 1996.]

3.36.070 Meetings.

All regular meetings of the board shall be held on the third Monday of each month with the exception that the October meeting will be held on the first Monday following the certification of the City and Borough of Wrangell regular election if such certification has not occurred prior to the third Monday of the month. The school board president may choose to hold the regular meeting on a day other than the third Monday of the month to accommodate the schedule of the school board members; provided, that there is ample advertising to the public. There will be no regular school board meeting in July. [Ord. 888 § 3, 2014.]


For statutory provisions on schools in boroughs, see AS 29.35.160 and 14.14.060; for provisions on school districts and boards, see AS 14.12.010 – 14.12.100.