Chapter 3.48


3.48.010    Established.

3.48.020    Membership.

3.48.030    Function.

3.48.010 Established.

There is created the division of civil defense for the borough as an agency of the government to be composed of the borough manager and such other persons as he may appoint. The borough manager shall appoint a civil defense director and staff to serve at the pleasure of the borough manager. [Ord. 216 § 4, 1968; prior code § 24.05.010.]

3.48.020 Membership.

The division of civil defense, all officers and employees of the borough, together with those volunteer forces enrolled to aid them prior to or during a disaster, shall constitute the local civil defense organization, as provided by law. [Ord. 216 § 4, 1968; prior code § 24.05.020.]

3.48.030 Function.

The purpose of the division of civil defense is to provide an orderly means for planning to meet those emergencies which threaten life or property. [Ord. 216 § 4, 1968; prior code § 24.05.030.]