Chapter 3.52


3.52.010    Established – Membership – Organization.

3.52.020    Powers and duties.

3.52.030    Director – Appointment.

3.52.040    Director – Powers and duties.

3.52.045    Regular meetings.

3.52.050    Absence from meetings.

3.52.010 Established – Membership – Organization.

A. There shall be created a parks and recreation board, which shall consist of five members appointed by the mayor with the approval of the assembly for overlapping three-year terms. All members of the board shall be residents of the borough. The terms of the members shall begin on October 1st, with three members to be appointed in the first year, and two members in each of two successive years and in like manner thereafter. A member may be removed by the mayor with approval of the assembly for the good of the service. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired terms. Members shall serve without compensation. A quorum shall consist of three members.

B. At the time prescribed for the beginning of the terms of the newly appointed members or as soon thereafter as practicable, the board shall elect a chairman, a vice chairman, and a secretary. The board shall determine the time and place of its regular meetings, and the chairman or three members may call special meetings. [Ord. 814 § 2, 2008; Ord. 731 § 4, 2003; Ord. 533 § 4, 1988; Ord. 214 § 5, 1968; prior code § 47.10.010.]

3.52.020 Powers and duties.

The parks and recreation board shall study the recreational needs of the people of the borough and shall make such recommendations relating to parks, playgrounds and other recreational facilities in relation to public recreational programs and activities to the director of the parks, recreation and youth services, the mayor and the assembly, as it deems desirable. The board shall also strive to create public interest in the establishment of a teen club to meet the recreational needs of the teenage youths. The board shall study the possibilities of summer recreation programs for all children, improved parks and recreation areas, and any other recreational activities. [Ord. 814 § 3, 2008; Ord. 214 § 5, 1968; prior code § 47.10.020.]

3.52.030 Director – Appointment.

There may be a director of parks, recreation and youth services who shall be appointed by the borough manager. [Ord. 214 § 5, 1968; prior code § 47.20.010.]

3.52.040 Director – Powers and duties.

The director of parks, recreation and youth services, under the supervision and control of the borough manager, shall have charge of and direct the recreational programs and activities sponsored or carried on by the borough government and shall have charge of the parks and playgrounds and other municipal facilities used in connection therewith. The director shall work with the parks and recreation board to effect and carry out the recommendations of the board, which recommendations have been approved by the assembly. [Ord. 814 § 4, 2008; Ord. 214 § 5, 1968; prior code § 47.20.020.]

3.52.045 Regular meetings.

Regular meetings of the parks and recreation board shall be held on the first Wednesday of each month, except that no regular meetings shall be held in the months of July and August. [Ord. 814 § 5, 2008; Ord. 806 § 1, 2007.]

3.52.050 Absence from meetings.

If an appointed member is absent for more than one-half of all of the meetings of the board, regular and special, held within any period of four consecutive calendar months, he shall thereupon cease to hold office. [Ord. 533 § 5, 1988.]