Chapter 3.56


3.56.010    Established – Membership – Organization.

3.56.020    Powers and duties.

3.56.010 Established – Membership – Organization.

A. There shall be a Wrangell convention and visitor bureau which shall consist of five members, qualified and selected as set forth below:

1. The present membership of the bureau is hereby confirmed. Future members shall be appointed by the mayor with the approval of the assembly. A member may be removed by the mayor with the approval of the assembly for the good of the service.

2. All members of the bureau shall be residents of the borough and serve without compensation. Travel expenditures such as transportation, lodging, per diem and registration fees will be paid if authorized by the bureau. No member of the borough assembly or the port commission shall be a member of the bureau.

3. The term of membership shall be three-year staggered terms. Members shall continue to serve until a successor is appointed and confirmed. A vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the mayor and confirmation by the assembly for the unexpired term.

B. The bureau shall hold regular meetings at least once each calendar month at such times as its chair may determine. The chair shall give each member at least 48 hours’ prior written or oral notice of the date, time and place of each meeting.

C. The bureau shall give reasonable public notice of its meetings, its meetings shall be open to the public, and reasonable opportunity shall be provided for the public to be heard at each meeting.

D. Three members of the bureau shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Actions of the bureau are taken by the vote of a majority of the members duly present at a meeting of the bureau duly held at which a quorum is present. The bureau shall keep minutes of its proceedings and records of its official actions.

E. Any member who is absent more than one-half of all the meetings of the bureau, regular and special, in a consecutive four-month period shall automatically forfeit membership in the bureau.

F. The bureau shall annually elect from among its members a chair and vice chair. The chair will preside at all meetings of the bureau and serve as the chief spokesperson for the bureau. The vice chair will assist the chair and act as chair in the chair’s absence.

G. The bureau may establish its own rules, regulations and policies consistent with this chapter and subject to the approval of the assembly. [Ord. 862 § 2, 2012; Ord. 786 § 1, 2006.]

3.56.020 Powers and duties.

The powers and duties of the committee shall be as follows:

A. To make recommendations regarding the policies, staffing and management of the borough’s convention, visitor industry, and related economic development activities;

B. To submit an annual marketing plan and operating budget to the borough assembly containing recommendations for the use of the transient tax funds and any other general fund moneys appropriated for visitor services;

C. To make recommendations to the borough assembly regarding marketing, advertising schedules and ad placements;

D. To disseminate visitor information data, reports, issues and other information to residents; and

E. To make recommendations to the borough assembly regarding visitor-related issues, services and needs. [Ord. 786 § 1, 2006.]