Chapter 3.58


3.58.010    Personnel rules and policies.

3.58.020    Collective bargaining rights.

3.58.030    Assembly not to interfere in hirings and removals.

3.58.010 Personnel rules and policies.

Employees of the borough shall be subject to such personnel policies and rules as are established by ordinance or resolution of the assembly. [Ord. 726 §§ 4, 5, 2003.]

3.58.020 Collective bargaining rights.

The borough is subject to the Alaska Public Employees Relations Act, AS 23.40.070 through 23.40.260, borough employees shall have the right to organize and bargain collectively with the borough, and the borough shall recognize bargaining units formed under that Act. Section 214 of the City and Borough of Wrangell Employee Handbook entitled “Annual Meet and Confer” as approved by Resolution No. 02-03-943 is repealed. [Approved by passage of Proposition No. 3 at regular election on October 5, 2004, as authorized by initiative petition certified on July 26, 2004.]

3.58.030 Assembly not to interfere in hirings and removals.

No assembly member may direct or request the appointment of any person to, or removal from, office or employment by the borough manager or, except as otherwise provided in this code or the borough charter, participate in any manner in the appointment or removal of officers and employees of the borough. Except for the purpose of inquiry, the assembly and its members shall deal with employees hired by the borough manager solely through the borough manager, and the assembly and its members may not give orders on administrative matters to those employees either publicly or privately, except as otherwise provided in this code or the borough charter. [Ord. 815 § 4, 2008.]