Chapter 4.10


4.10.005    Economic development authorized – Scope.

4.10.005 Economic development authorized – Scope.

A. The City and Borough of Wrangell hereby exercises the power to provide for economic development as herein provided.

B. The borough, in order to promote, enhance, further and provide for economic development, may:

1. Levy and collect taxes and expend funds for such purposes.

2. Apply for, receive, dispense and administer grants, contributions and other moneys.

3. Enter into agreements, contracts and other arrangements with the state, municipalities, federal government, or other public and private agencies, corporations, associations, organizations or individuals.

4. Purchase, lease, exchange, or otherwise acquire an interest in real or personal property, and sell, lease, exchange or otherwise dispose of real or personal property, or an interest in real or personal property.

5. Initiate, undertake and participate in studies, programs and projects, and engage in and take such other actions, as are deemed necessary or appropriate to promote, enhance, further and provide for economic development.

C. The borough manager, subject to the direction of the assembly, shall be responsible for the administration and implementation of the economic development projects and programs provided for in this title. [Ord. 833 § 14, 2009; Ord. 635 § 4, 1997.]