Chapter 5.14


5.14.010    Preparation and submission of borough budget.

5.14.020    Fund transfers.

5.14.010 Preparation and submission of borough budget.

At least five weeks before the beginning of the fiscal year, and in accordance with the borough charter, the borough manager shall prepare and submit to the assembly a proposed budget for the next year. [Ord. 815 § 7, 2008.]

5.14.020 Fund transfers.

A. A transfer of any funds from the swimming pool fund to any other fund requires a vote of the people.

B. None of the income, money, resources or property of borough-operated enterprise funds shall be placed in the general fund or be used for the benefit of anything outside of the fund to which it belongs without due compensation or due value received in return; provided, that this shall not prohibit payment into the general fund by borough-operated utilities of an amount in lieu of taxes reasonably estimated to be the amount which said utilities would pay in taxes if they were privately owned. [Ord. 815 § 7, 2008.]