Chapter 5.18


5.18.010    Purpose.

5.18.020    Definitions.

5.18.030    General provisions.

5.18.040    Grant administration fee schedule.

5.18.010 Purpose.

A. The purpose of this chapter is to set forth the procedures for handling pass-through grants, which are governed by AS 37.05.315. The procedures are designed to minimize any liability or loss to the borough which may arise from administering said grants, while at the same time maximizing the amount of said grant funds brought to the purposes of the grants.

B. Loss or liability may arise out of the following: administrative costs, loss of interest, ineligible expenditures, and the grantee’s failure to perform. Most administrative costs can be determined soon after the completion of construction or of the grant project. Ineligible expenditures can be determined only after a state audit. A grantee’s failure to perform can only be determined after a term equal to the practical life of the facility constructed with the grant funds. [Ord. 613 § 5, 1995.]

5.18.020 Definitions.

A. “Administrative costs” means the costs to the borough of administering the grant.

B. “Grant” means all grants to or administered by the borough, to include without limitation a state grant governed by AS 37.05.315, other state grants, federal grants or other grants; provided, however, the term grant excludes all grants for which the recipient or administering agency is prohibited by law from retaining or taking an administration fee.

C. “Grant agreement” means the contract document, including but not limited to rules, regulations and laws, pertaining to the grant between the borough and the grantee. [Ord. 613 § 5, 1995.]

5.18.030 General provisions.

A. The borough assembly may authorize the mayor or borough manager to enter into grant agreements with grantees which set forth the terms and conditions of the grant and its administration.

B. The grant agreement with a grantee shall set forth all terms and conditions for administering the grant including but not limited to scope of work, payment and process schedule, State of Alaska Municipal Grant Agreement, and such security devices as are deemed reasonable by the borough manager.

C. Grant funds are not to be disbursed until the borough and grantee have entered into a grant agreement. [Ord. 613 § 5, 1995.]

5.18.040 Grant administration fee schedule.

To administer grants, the borough may retain a fee of up to 10 percent from the grant funds. [Ord. 627 § 4, 1996; Ord. 613 § 5, 1995.]