Chapter 7.04


7.04.010    Cruelty – Abandonment.

7.04.020    Animals at large prohibited.

7.04.030    Entering public or private property.

7.04.040    Penalty for violation.

7.04.010 Cruelty – Abandonment.

A. Any person who necessarily or without cause overworks, beats, abuses, starves, torments, kills or otherwise mistreats a domestic animal, or causes or procures any such acts to be done, shall be deemed guilty of an infraction.

B. Any person who intentionally abandons a domestic animal, whether or not it is sick, maimed, infirm, or disabled, where there is not a caretaker to assume responsibility for proper food and water and other needs, shall be deemed guilty of an infraction. [Ord. 887 § 4, 2014; Ord. 234 § 5, 1969; prior code § 9.10.010.]

7.04.020 Animals at large prohibited.

It is unlawful for the keeper to permit or allow any bull, ox, cow, sheep, goat, hog, dog, or other animal or any domestic fowl to be at large within the borough limits, or to be pastured or herded, or staked or tied for the purpose of grazing, in any of the streets, alleys, squares, or other grounds belonging to or under the control of the borough and within the borough limits; and it is unlawful for the keeper of any of said animals, or stock of any kind or domestic fowl to tie, stake, pasture, or turn at large any of said animals upon any private property within the limits of the borough, without the consent of the owner of said property. [Ord. 887 § 5, 2014; Ord. 400 § 4, 1980; Ord. 234 § 5, 1969; prior code § 9.10.020.]

7.04.030 Entering public or private property.

A. An animal enforcement agent may enter onto any property, public or private, at all reasonable hours in the performance of his or her duties under this title, except that he or she may not enter any private residence or house without the consent of a person authorized to give consent.

B. It shall be a condition of any designated or any permitted commercial animal establishment that an animal enforcement agent shall be allowed to inspect any and all animals and the premises where such animals are kept at any reasonable time during normal business hours. Where a permit for a commercial animal establishment is revoked for cause, or pending an appeal of such action, the animal enforcement agent shall have power of entry on the premises and into all areas where animals are being kept. [Ord. 887 § 6, 2014.]

7.04.040 Penalty for violation.

Any person violating any provision of this chapter is guilty of an infraction and shall be punished by the fine established in the WMC 1.20.050 fine schedule if the offense is listed in that fine schedule or by a fine of up to $500.00 if the offense is not listed in the WMC 1.20.050 fine schedule. [Ord. 887 § 7, 2014; Ord. 833 § 61, 2009; Ord. 405 § 4, 1980; Ord. 264 § 5, 1971; prior code § 9.10.030. Formerly 7.04.030.]


For statutory provisions on cruelty to animals, see AS 11.61.140.