Chapter 10.16


10.16.010    Public trespassing.

10.16.020    Persons exempt.

10.16.030    Enforcement and intent.

10.16.010 Public trespassing.

It is unlawful for any person except those classified as prescribed in WMC 10.16.020 to be upon any of the borough-maintained harbors, floats, piers and docks between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and the following 8:00 a.m. A violation shall constitute a criminal trespass against the public, and shall constitute a violation of this code, punishable as provided for in WMC 1.20.010. [Ord. 833 § 26, 2009; Ord. 335 § 5, 1975; Ord. 333 § 5, 1975; prior code § 30.20.015(a).]

10.16.020 Persons exempt.

A. The following persons and classes of persons shall be exempt from the criminal trespass provision of WMC 10.16.010:

1. Owners of vessels moored in the harbor at either of the public floats and guests of said vessel owners;

2. Persons residing in a boat moored in Wrangell Harbor whether or not owned by them;

3. Tradespeople performing maintenance or repairs on vessels while moored;

4. Fishermen and employees on a vessel moored in the harbor;

5. Any person who has received the permission of the borough harbormaster.

B. This exemption shall be limited to the above referenced persons only as to the float at which their vessel is moored, not other floats. [Ord. 833 § 27, 2009; Ord. 335 § 5, 1975; Ord. 333 § 5, 1975; prior code § 30.20.015(b).]

10.16.030 Enforcement and intent.

The intent of this chapter is to reduce the occurrence of larcenies and other crimes occurring on the public floats in Wrangell Harbor and to assist the police department with respect to law enforcement during evening hours by restricting access to the subject places to those persons having a legitimate purpose thereat. This law is not to be enforced in a discriminatory manner and its purpose is not to punish a condition or status; application of WMC 10.16.010 is intended against those who cannot give a purposeful account of themselves from the goal of enforcement, being protection of the property and person of those legitimately using the boat harbor facilities. [Ord. 335 § 5, 1975; Ord. 333 § 5, 1975; prior code § 30.20.015(c).]