Chapter 11.04


11.04.010    Adoption of state uniform traffic laws by reference.

11.04.020    Traffic fine schedule – Adoption of state bail forfeiture schedules by reference.

11.04.030    Chief of police regulation authority.

11.04.010 Adoption of state uniform traffic laws by reference.

In addition to the traffic ordinances of this title, the borough adopts by reference all vehicle and traffic statutes and regulations of the state of Alaska, as they presently exist and as they may be revised in the future, as the traffic code for the borough, except for felonies and misdemeanors not listed on Alaska Supreme Court bail forfeiture schedules. [Ord. 910 § 3, 2015; Ord. 673 § 5, 2000; Ord. 332 § 5, 1975; prior code § 63.01.005.]

11.04.020 Traffic fine schedule – Adoption of state bail forfeiture schedules by reference.

The borough adopts as its traffic fine schedule the “Traffic Bail Forfeiture Schedule” and the “Oversize Vehicle Bail Forfeiture Schedule” in Administrative Rules 43.1 and 43.6 of the Alaska Rules of Court and any other bail forfeiture schedules relating to vehicles adopted by the Alaska Supreme Court. In addition, the borough adopts all amendments of those schedules that become effective after the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter. Citations for offenses listed on these schedules may be disposed of as provided in AS 12.25.195 through 12.25.230, without a court appearance, upon payment of the amounts listed plus the state surcharge required by AS 12.55.039 and AS 29.25.074. Fines must be paid to the police department. If a traffic offense is not listed on this fine schedule or another fine schedule ordinance, the defendant must appear in court to answer to the charges. Citations charging these offenses must meet the requirements of Minor Offense Rule 3 of the Alaska Rules of Court. If a person charged with one of these offenses appears in court and is found guilty, the penalty imposed for the offense may not exceed the amount listed for that offense on the schedule. The fines established in these fine schedules may not be reduced. [Ord. 910 § 3, 2015; Ord. 673 § 5, 2000.]

11.04.030 Chief of police regulation authority.

The chief of police is empowered to make regulations necessary to make effective the provisions of the traffic ordinances of the borough and to make and enforce temporary or experimental regulations to cover parking control or emergencies or special conditions. Except for parking regulations, no such temporary or experimental regulations shall remain in effect for more than 90 days. Every such temporary or experimental regulation shall be submitted to the borough assembly at the assembly’s regular meeting prior to the enforcement of such regulation, and, in the event the assembly disapproves its enforcement, the police department shall not thereafter enforce such regulation. [Ord. 910 § 3, 2015; Ord. 833 § 61, 2009; Ord. 673 § 5, 2000.]