Chapter 13.08


13.08.010    Numbering required – Specifications.

13.08.020    Numbering scheme.

13.08.030    Numbering map.

13.08.010 Numbering required – Specifications.

Every house, dwelling, structure, and commercial premises constituting the primary structure or building on each lot in the Wrangell Island Service Area shall be numbered. The record owner appearing on the borough’s tax roles is responsible to undertake the required numbering. Numbering shall be accompanied by securing correct numbers in block form at least three inches in height of a color in appropriate contrast to the background on a prominent portion of the structure viewable from the street on which the structure fronts. In the case of buildings located on a street corner, the number shall be placed on the side of the structure facing that street to which the numbering pertains. In the case of two or more structures on a single lot being actively used for dwelling and/or commercial purposes, each such building shall have a separate number, but this shall not be construed to require duplex and apartment units to have separate numbering for each dwelling unit. [Ord. 833 § 35, 2009; Ord. 325 § 5, 1975; prior code § 18.40.010.]

13.08.020 Numbering scheme.

Structures will be numbered, both north and south, from McKinnon Street starting with the 100 block. Exceptions will be Front Street and Cow Alley which will begin at Federal Street. Structures on the water side of streets running parallel to the water will be odd numbered. Structures on the left side of streets roughly perpendicular to the waterfront will be odd numbered. Numbers will be assigned to every 25 feet of frontage. [Ord. 325 § 5, 1975; prior code § 18.40.020.]

13.08.030 Numbering map.

The general numbering scheme is as prepared by the department of public works superimposed on a 1974 map drafted by General Telephone Company, which document will be retained at City Hall and may be inspected by the public at any time during normal business hours. The office of the borough clerk will also respond to telephone inquiries requesting house and structure numbering identification. [Ord. 325 § 5, 1975; prior code § 18.40.030.]