Chapter 13.20


13.20.010    Generally.

13.20.020    Prohibited acts.

13.20.030    Qualifications, approval and responsibilities of rangemaster.

13.20.040    Obedience to rangemaster.

13.20.050    Reservations for use – Preference.

13.20.060    Posting of regulations.

13.20.070    Violations.

13.20.010 Generally.

The provisions set forth in this chapter shall be the sole regulations for the Wrangell Indoor Firearms Range to the exclusion of other regulations. [Ord. 460 § 4, 1984.]

13.20.020 Prohibited acts.

A. No person shall consume, have in this possession, or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while upon the range premises.

B. With the exception of law enforcement personnel, no person shall have in his possession a loaded firearm at any location within the facility except the firing line. All firing shall be conducted from specified firing lines or stations at the direction and under the supervision of the rangemaster.

C. No person shall discharge any firearm at any target other than those for which the range is designed, located down range at the target area. Targets shall be supported only by those devices provided.

D. No person shall discharge any firearm of a caliber, velocity, or which fires a projectile which is in excess of that recommended by the manufacturer of the range equipment, or which violates or exceeds range regulations.

E. No person other than the rangemaster may at any time or for any reason go down range in the facility.

F. Persons having a need to go down range shall approach the rangemaster who shall then order all persons at the firing line to unload their arms and lay them in the area provided at each station.

G. No person shall discharge or in any way carry, cradle, or hold any firearm, loaded or unloaded, while another person is in the down range area.

H. All persons shall be responsible for the safety and security of their own firearms and ammunition, for their own safety, and for the safety of all other persons using or in the facility such that harm or injury does not occur to any other persons.

I. Safety glasses and ear protection shall be worn by all persons in the range, excluding the spectator area. [Ord. 460 § 4, 1984.]

13.20.030 Qualifications, approval and responsibilities of rangemaster.

A. All rangemasters shall successfully complete the prescribed course of instruction as set forth by the National Rifle Association.

B. All rangemasters shall be approved and appointed by the chief of police or his designee and shall maintain a valid pistol and rifle instructor’s certificate as issued by the National Rifle Association, a copy of which shall be filed at the police station.

C. Rangemaster shall be responsible for:

1. Opening, cleaning, closing and securing the range facility;

2. Supervision of all persons using the facility in order that users use the facility solely such that injury or harm does not occur to any persons;

3. Maintaining a roster of the date, hours, names, and ages of all persons using the facility. [Ord. 460 § 4, 1984.]

13.20.040 Obedience to rangemaster.

A. All persons shall adhere to the authority of the rangemaster while upon the firearms range premises.

B. No person shall use the range without an approved rangemaster present, nor shall any person use the range when alone. [Ord. 460 § 4, 1984.]

13.20.050 Reservations for use – Preference.

A. Any rangemaster desiring to utilize the facility for the purpose of training and/or group participation shall submit to the chief of police or his designee for his approval the following information no less than 24 hours in advance of the intended use:

1. Name of rangemaster;

2. Name of organization;

3. Names of participants;

4. Type of firearms to be used;

5. Date and time desired.

B. Preference shall be given to organized training and team shooting. The hours and times of use shall be established by the chief of police or his designee. [Ord. 522 § 4, 1987; Ord. 460 § 4, 1984.]

13.20.060 Posting of regulations.

These regulations pertaining to the use of the range shall be posted within the spectator and firing line areas. [Ord. 460 § 4, 1984.]

13.20.070 Violations.

Violations of any regulation shall be cause for immediate discharge and revocation of the right to use the range. The rangemaster shall have the authority to enforce this section. In addition, violations or failure to do an act is declared to be a misdemeanor punishable as such. [Ord. 460 § 4, 1984.]