Chapter 19.08


19.08.010    Alley.

19.08.020    Block.

19.08.030    Cul-de-sac.

19.08.040    Easement.

19.08.045    Flag lots.

19.08.050    Lot.

19.08.060    Plat.

19.08.070    Street.

19.08.080    Subdivider.

19.08.090    Subdivision.

19.08.010 Alley.

“Alley” means a minor way, dedicated to public use, which is used primarily for vehicular access to the back or the side of properties otherwise abutting on a street. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.030(B).]

19.08.020 Block.

“Block” means a piece or parcel of land entirely surrounded by public highways, streets, streams, railroads, rights-of-way, or a combination thereof. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.030(C).]

19.08.030 Cul-de-sac.

“Cul-de-sac” means a street having one end open to traffic and terminated at the other end by a vehicle turnaround. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.030(E).]

19.08.040 Easement.

“Easement” means a grant by the property owner to the public of the use of a strip of land for specific purposes. An easement created in conjunction with a flag lot shall be a private, nondedicated easement. [Ord. 443 § 7, 1983; Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.030(F).]

19.08.045 Flag lots.

“Flag lot” means a lot which does not have the required frontage on a dedicated right-of-way and where access to the lot is provided from an approved dedicated right-of-way by a private road easement. [Ord. 443 § 6, 1983.]

19.08.050 Lot.

“Lot” means a portion of a subdivision or other parcel of land intended as a unit for transfer of ownership. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.030(G).]

19.08.060 Plat.

“Plat” means the map prepared as required by WMC 19.04.020(A) for the purpose of recording subdivisions of land as provided in this title. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.030(H).]

19.08.070 Street.

“Street” means a way for vehicular traffic other than an alley, dedicated to public use.

A. Major streets and highways are those which serve as the principal arteries for through traffic movement or which collect traffic from minor streets.

B. Minor streets are those which are used primarily for access to the abutting properties.

C. Half streets are any streets less than the prescribed right-of-way widths found in this title or as established by the planning commission. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.030(I).]

19.08.080 Subdivider.

“Subdivider” means the owner or owners of land which is being divided pursuant to WMC 19.04.020(A). [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.030(J).]

19.08.090 Subdivision.

“Subdivision” means the division of a tract or parcel of land into two or more lots, sites, or other divisions for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of sale or building development, and includes resubdivision and, when appropriate to the context, relates to the process of subdividing or to the land or area being subdivided. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.030(A).]