Chapter 19.20


19.20.010    Compliance with other provisions.

19.20.020    Dedications.

19.20.030    Public sites and open spaces.

19.20.010 Compliance with other provisions.

The proposed subdivision shall conform to the following:

A. The provisions of AS 40.15, as amended from time to time, and all other relevant laws and regulations;

B. All applicable ordinances of the borough;

C. The master plan of the borough;

D. The regulations of the State Department of Health and Welfare relating to lot size and lot elevation if the subdivision is not served by a public sewer and provision for such service has not been made;

E. The regulations of the State Department of Highways relating to safety or access and the preservation of the public interest and investment in streets and highways if the subdivision or any lot contained therein abuts on a state highway or street. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.050(A).]

19.20.020 Dedications.

All streets, alleys and easements shown on the plat not previously dedicated to public use shall be so dedicated, except easements created in conjunction with a flag lot subdivision, which shall be private, nondedicated easements. [Ord. 443 § 8, 1983; Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.050(B).]

19.20.030 Public sites and open spaces.

In order that adequate open spaces and sites for public uses may be properly located and preserved as the community develops, and in order that the cost of providing the public facilities necessary to serve the additional families brought into the community by subdivision development may be most equitably apportioned, the following provisions are established:

A. In the design of the plat, consideration shall be given to the adequate provision of and correlation with such public sites or open areas.

B. Where it is determined by the planning commission that a portion of the plat is required for such public sites or open spaces, the subdivider may be required to reserve such area for a period not to exceed three years, after which the borough shall either acquire the property or release the reservation. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.070.]