Chapter 19.28


19.28.010    Easements – Utilities – Drainage.

19.28.020    Blocks.

19.28.030    Lots – Generally.

19.28.040    Lots – Dimensions.

19.28.050    Lots – Additional provisions.

19.28.010 Easements – Utilities – Drainage.

A. Easements across lots or centered on rear or side lot lines shall be provided for utilities and shall be at least 10 feet wide.

B. Where a subdivision is traversed by a watercourse, drainageway, channel, or stream, there shall be a stormwater easement or drainage right-of-way conforming substantially with the lines of such watercourse, and such further width or construction, or both, as will be adequate for the purpose. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.050(F).]

19.28.020 Blocks.

The lengths, widths, and shapes of blocks shall be such as are appropriate for the locality and the type of development contemplated. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.050(G).]

19.28.030 Lots – Generally.

The size, shape, and orientation of lots shall be appropriate for the location of the subdivision and for the type of development and use contemplated. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.050(H)(1).]

19.28.040 Lots – Dimensions.

A. Lot dimensions shall comply with the zoning ordinance.

B. Depth and width of properties reserved or laid out for commercial and industrial purposes shall be adequate to provide for the off-street service and parking facilities required by the type of use and development contemplated.

C. Residential lots abutting on major streets and highways shall be platted with sufficient depth to permit adequate separation between the buildings and such trafficways.

D. Lots should be assigned with a suitable proportion between width and depth. Normal depth should not exceed two and one-half times the width, nor less than 100 feet. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.050(H)(2).]

19.28.050 Lots – Additional provisions.

A. Corner Lots. Corner lots should be designed to permit setback on both streets as required by the zoning ordinance.

B. Access to Public Streets. Every lot shall front or abut on a dedicated public right-of-way. Lots with an access only to private drives shall not be permitted unless a permanent easement has been granted and properly recorded.

C. Lots at Right Angles. Lots at right angles to each other should be avoided wherever possible, especially in residential areas.

D. Lot Lines. Side lot lines shall be substantially at right angles or radial to street lines.

E. Large Lots. Where lots are created of a size larger than normal for the area, the planning commission may require that the plat be so designed as to allow for the possible future resubdivision of such lots into sizes normal for the area.

F. Municipal Boundaries. Lots shall follow municipal boundary lines wherever practicable, rather than cross them.

G. Double Frontage. Lots abutting a street at both front and rear shall be avoided except where necessary to provide separation of residential development from traffic or to overcome specific disadvantages of topography and orientation. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.050(H)(3) – (9).]