Chapter 19.32


19.32.010    Water.

19.32.020    Sanitary sewer.

19.32.030    State regulations applicable.

19.32.040    Streets.

19.32.010 Water.

The subdivider shall prove that connections to public water mains may be obtained. If no such connections are available, the subdivider shall show that a safe water source is readily available. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.050(I)(1)(a).]

19.32.020 Sanitary sewer.

The subdivider shall prove that connections to public sanitary sewers may be obtained; or, if any of the lots are not to be served by a sanitary sewer system, percolation tests shall be submitted showing that septic tanks may be used without endangering the health, safety and general welfare of any person or persons. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.050(I)(1)(b).]

19.32.030 State regulations applicable.

All regulations of the State Department of Health and Welfare pertaining to water and sewage disposal shall apply when no public or other sanitary sewer and water service is available. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.050(I)(1)(c).]

19.32.040 Streets.

A. The subdivider shall, at his own expense and along a dedicated street, grade and surface with gravel and oil, asphalt, or concrete, a roadway at least 36 feet in width to provide access to any property he wishes to sell or otherwise convey to another person where the intent is to develop the property, before such property may be sold or otherwise conveyed.

B. Sufficient and adequate drainage shall be provided for all streets. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.050(I)(2).]