Chapter 19.36


19.36.010    Required.

19.36.020    Specifications.

19.36.030    Bearing objects.

19.36.040    Concrete slab or rock embedment.

19.36.050    Witness corners.

19.36.060    Minimum monuments – Line of sight – Distances.

19.36.070    Bearings.

19.36.080    Lack of existing monuments.

19.36.090    Unit of measure.

19.36.100    Field notes.

19.36.010 Required.

All exterior corners of the subdivision shall be marked by permanent monuments set in the ground. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.100.]

19.36.020 Specifications.

Monuments shall consist of a one-and-one-half-inch galvanized iron pipe, 30 or more inches long and shall have a four-inch flange across the bottom. Permanently fixed thereto shall be a minimum of two-inch brass or bronze cap. Each cap shall be marked in a professional manner and shall also show the registration number of the engineer and year of the survey. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.100(A).]

19.36.030 Bearing objects.

Three bearing objects or bearing trees shall be taken for all primary monuments set on the exterior angle points of the survey, and shown on the final plat. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.100(B).]

19.36.040 Concrete slab or rock embedment.

Where impracticable to set an iron pipe monument, a concrete slab not less than two feet by two feet by six inches thick and a brass or bronze cap marking the actual corner point may be used. In the case of bedrock, boulders, etc., a bronze or brass cap may be grouted into the rock. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.100(C).]

19.36.050 Witness corners.

Should the point for a corner be in a place which would be impracticable to monument, witness corners shall be set and referenced to the true point. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.100(D).]

19.36.060 Minimum monuments – Line of sight – Distances.

A. Unless otherwise approved by the planning commission, every survey shall have at least four monuments, each fully described in the plat survey.

B. The line of sight between adjacent monuments shall be unobstructed.

C. The distance and bearing between monuments shall be shown. The distance between adjacent monuments shall not exceed 1,320 feet. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.100(E).]

19.36.070 Bearings.

Bearings of all lines shall be referred to the true meridian. Bearings shall be obtained by deflection from existing official surveys of G.L.O., B.L.M., USC and GS, U.S.G.S., the Alaska Division of Lands, or monument with proper identification which are delineated on recorded plats, unless otherwise specified in WMC 19.36.080. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.100(F).]

19.36.080 Lack of existing monuments.

If no such monuments or surveys exist within two miles of the project, the latitude and longitude may be scaled, as near as possible, from the best available maps of the area. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.100(G).]

19.36.090 Unit of measure.

All lengths of lines shall be shown as their true horizontal equivalents in the foot unit carried out to the nearest hundredth. If needed in order to secure true distance, a spring balance shall be used and temperature corrections applied. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.100(H).]

19.36.100 Field notes.

A true copy or original of all field notes shall be submitted with the plat of survey and shall remain with the platting authority as documented record. [Ord. 276 § 4, 1973; prior code § 95.85.100(I).]