Chapter 20.49


20.49.010    Purpose.

20.49.020    Principal uses permitted.

20.49.030    Accessory uses permitted.

20.49.040    Conditional uses.

20.49.050    Standards.

20.49.010 Purpose.

The Shoemaker Bay waterfront development district is intended to provide an area specifically for water-related uses and activities that will enhance and complement the marina and recreational activities occurring at Shoemaker Bay. This district is intended to accommodate commercial activity, which is oriented toward providing services for the marina and surrounding area uses. [Ord. 867 § 1, 2013; Ord. 652 § 6, 1999.]

20.49.020 Principal uses permitted.

The following are principal permitted uses in this district:

A. Piers, wharfs and docks;

B. Public parks, playgrounds and campsites;

C. Bait shops;

D. Vessel charter offices;

E. Facilities for loading and unloading ships, including cranes and ramps;

F. Harbormaster’s offices;

G. Boat launching facilities;

H. Float plane facilities; and

I. Laundry services. [Ord. 867 § 1, 2013; Ord. 652 § 6, 1999.]

20.49.030 Accessory uses permitted.

Uses and structures which are clearly incidental and subordinate to permitted principal uses and which will not create a nuisance or hazard are permitted as accessory uses in this district, subject to shoreline setback requirements and other applicable standards. [Ord. 867 § 1, 2013; Ord. 652 § 6, 1999.]

20.49.040 Conditional uses.

The following are uses which may be permitted in the Shoemaker Bay waterfront development district by action of the commission under the conditions and procedures specified in Chapter 20.68 WMC:

A. Water-dependent and water-related uses not mentioned above and their accessory uses;

B. Other uses if there is no suitable upland alternative for a nonwater-dependent use;

C. Retail and wholesale businesses; and consumer services;

D. Any water-dependent or water-related manufacturing, processing, fabrication, assembling, research, wholesale or indoor-only storage uses;

E. Facilities for indoor construction, maintenance, repair, and storage of vessels;

F. Boat sales, services and supply establishments;

G. Fish and seafood processing plants and cold storage plants;

H. Marine warehouses. [Ord. 867 § 1, 2013; Ord. 652 § 6, 1999.]

20.49.050 Standards.

The following standards under Chapter 20.52 WMC shall apply to properties within the waterfront development district:

A. Standards policies: WMC 20.52.005;

B. Air, land and water quality: WMC 20.52.040;

C. Volatile products storage: WMC 20.52.050;

D. Noise: WMC 20.52.060;

E. Airport interference: WMC 20.52.070;

F. Building height: WMC 20.52.080;

G. Setbacks – Yards: WMC 20.52.110;

H. Shoreline dependency: WMC 20.52.120;

I. Piers, docks, shoreline protection and other shoreline construction: WMC 20.52.130;

J. Drainage: WMC 20.52.150;

K. Dredge and fill: WMC 20.52.160;

L. Off-street parking: WMC 20.52.190;

M. Buffers: WMC 20.52.200;

N. Signs: WMC 20.52.210. [Ord. 867 § 1, 2013; Ord. 652 § 6, 1999.]