Chapter 20.58


20.58.010    Site plans.

20.58.020    Availability of maps.

20.58.030    Site plans for large projects.

20.58.010 Site plans.

A. All proposed and nonresidential developments and residential uses in excess of four dwelling units must submit a site plan to the borough zoning administrator for review and approval in accordance with the standards set forth in this code. All site plans shall be processed in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 20.56 WMC. Site plans, at a minimum, shall be drawn to appropriate engineer’s scale (1:50 feet) to depict the following information:

1. The boundaries, topography and physical conditions of the site, such as water bodies, vegetative cover, and grade steepness;

2. The uses and approximate size, location and height of all proposed buildings and other structures;

3. Off-site parking and loading plans, including circulation plans for vehicular and pedestrian movement;

4. Approximate location and size of open spaces and/or landscaped areas, including buffers and areas retained in their natural state;

5. Approximate location and width of all utility easements or rights-of-way;

6. Areas to be cut and filled, including plans for stabilization of soil and routing of drainage;

7. Total acreage of the site and the calculated density for the project (number of units per acre), including the number of dwelling units for residential use by type and square footage, and gross floor area for industrial and commercial developments.

B. Elements optional to a site plan shall be:

1. Drawings indicating general architectural themes, appearance and/or representative types of buildings;

2. Definitive covenants, grants, easements, dedications and/or restrictions to be imposed on the land, buildings or structures. [Ord. 867 § 1, 2013; Ord. 462 § 6, 1984.]

20.58.020 Availability of maps.

Topographic base maps (1:400 and 1:100) shall be available for review at City Hall for use in project design. [Ord. 867 § 1, 2013; Ord. 462 § 6, 1984.]

20.58.030 Site plans for large projects.

Multiple copies of the site plan shall be required for larger projects which require commission review and approval. At least one copy for each two members of the commission shall be submitted to the commission. [Ord. 867 § 1, 2013; Ord. 462 § 6, 1984.]