Article 3-3


3-3-1    Creation and Scope

3-3-2    Rules and Regulations

3-3-3    Political Contributions

3-3-1 Creation and Scope

The town council may adopt a personnel system for the employees of the town, the provisions of which shall apply to all employees of the town as set forth in the personnel policies, except elected officials, persons engaged under contract to supply expert, professional or technical services and volunteer personnel who receive no regular compensation from the town. The town council may adopt rules and procedures pertaining to the officers of the town appointed directly by the council.

((O)93-06, Amended, 03/17/1993)

3-3-2 Rules and Regulations

The council may adopt by resolution rules and regulations to give effect to this article, which may be modified or changed from time to time.

3-3-3 Political Contributions

No officer, official or employee of the town shall use any influence or pressure upon any employee to obtain any assessment or contribution of money or time, either direct or indirect, for any political campaign or personal gain.