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218 Annual Facilities Permit.


Application Fee    

$500.00 per facility location for assessing the location’s initial eligibility for the Annual Facilities Permit Program


Initial Registration and annual renewal    

$750.00 for all facility locations under the same ownership and responsible engineer


All plan review and inspection services including scheduled meeting hours    

$190.00 per hour, minimum $190.00 (1 hour)

NOTE: For increases in square footage at existing AFP sites, plan review fees will be based on the valuation tables using the square footage calculation. The permit fees will follow the AFP fee schedule and be charged on an hourly basis to reflect services provided. AFP permits will be issued through the AFP office upon completion of plan review.


After-Hour Inspection Request:

-Inspection requests scheduled within 2 hours before or after current DSD inspection hours    

$190.00 per hour, minimum $380.00 per request (2 hours)

-Inspection requests scheduled more than 2 hours before or after current DSD inspection hours or any time on Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays    

$190.00 per hour, minimum $570.00 per request (3 hours)

(Ord. No. G-5458, § 1(Exh. A), adopted 12-16-2009, eff. 1-19-2010; Ord. No. G-5472, § 1(Exh. A), adopted 1-20-2010, eff. 3-1-2010)

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