Chapter 17.20


17.20.010    Purpose of provisions.

17.20.020    General requirements.

17.20.030    Additional submittals.

17.20.040    Final map submittal.

17.20.010 Purpose of provisions.

The purpose of this chapter is to protect public health and safety and to establish criteria for the development of new condominiums, community apartments, stock cooperatives, time share and any other such subdivision and/or the conversion of existing rental housing or property to such subdivisions. (Section 66427) (Ord. 433 § 6.01, 1983)

17.20.020 General requirements.

In addition to the requirements and procedures as set forth by Chapters 17.12 and 17.16 of this title, the Subdivision Map Act and Title 18 of this code, a condominium subdivision shall be subject to the additional requirements of this chapter. (Ord. 433 § 6.02.1, 1983)

17.20.030 Additional submittals.

A. A plot plan accurately showing contours, the location of the buildings, parking facilities, utilities existing and proposed, adjoining properties and existing buildings, vegetation existing and proposed for removal, drainage and improvements.

B. Floor plan of building and units, square footage of units, elevation drawings of buildings and parking facilities.

C. A declaration of covenants, conditions, reservations and restrictions which would be applied on behalf of any and all owners of condominium units within the project. The declaration shall include but not be limited to the conveyance of units; the assignment of parking; an agreement for common area maintenance, including facilities and landscaping together with an estimate of any initial assessment fees anticipated for such maintenance, description of a provision for maintenance of all vehicular access areas within the project; an indication of appropriate responsibilities for maintenance of all utilities and services for each unit.

D. Any other information which, in the opinion of the county planner, will assist in determining whether the proposed project will be consistent with the purposes of this chapter. (Ord. 433 § 6.02.2, 1983)

17.20.040 Final map submittal.

The final map shall comply with Article III of Chapter 17.16 of this title and shall include the following information:

A. Plot plan with accurate building location tied to two property and building corners;

B. Unit dimensions both horizontally and vertically;

C. Unit identification by number;

D. Common area designation;

E. Recordation information for the covenants, conditions, reservations and restrictions for the project. (Ord. 433 § 6.02.3, 1983)