(Adopted by Ord. 1210, eff. 9/17/1993)

Sec. 3020 Claims presentation procedures.

All claims for money or damages against the City shall be presented to the City Clerk or the Clerk’s designee.

Sec. 3025 Further claims presentation procedures.

The following claims procedures are hereby established pursuant to Section 953 of the California Government Code.

(a)    Claims against the City for damages or money, when a procedure for processing such claims is not otherwise provided by state law, shall be presented within the time limitations and in the manner prescribed by Sections 910 through 915.2 of the California Government Code, notwithstanding the exemptions set forth in Section 905 of the California Government Code.

(b)    Such claims shall further be subject to the provisions of Section 945.4 of the Government Code relating to the prohibition of suits in the absence of the presentation of claims and action thereon by the Council.