3.24.030 Membership--Appointments--Organization and officers.

A.    The commission shall consist of nine members. Appointments to the commission shall be made by councilmembers and vacancies on the commission shall be filled by councilmembers in accordance with the provisions of Sections 2.04.030 through 2.04.120, enacted as Ordinance 4780-N.S. by the voters of the City.

B.    The Assistant City Manager for Planning and Community Development, or his or her representative, shall serve as secretary of the commission, without vote. The Department of Planning and Community Development shall provide staff assistance to the commission.

C.    The commission shall elect annually in July a chairperson from among its members, and shall establish rules and regulations for its own organization and procedure. Three successive unexcused absences from regular meetings by a member shall constitute automatic termination of membership. (Ord. 5686-NS § 1 (part), 1985: Ord. 4914-NS § 1 (part), 1976: Ord. 4800-NS §§ 1, 2, 1975: Ord. 4694-NS § 2(b), (d), (e), 1974)