3.24.050 List of structures and sites--To be established and maintained--Contents.

The commission shall:

A.    After June 6, 1974, undertake to establish and maintain a list of structures, sites and areas having a special historical, architectural or aesthetic interest or value. This list may include single structures or sites, portions of structures, groups of structures, man-made or natural landscape elements, works of art, or integrated combinations thereof. After public hearings, the commission may designate landmarks and historic districts from the list. In the establishment of the foregoing list, the commission shall notify and solicit the views of property owners and residents of structures. sites and areas proposed by the commission to be included in such a list.

B.    Establish an initial list no later than six months from the first meeting of the commission. The commission shall utilize this initial list for the designation of landmarks and historic districts. Upon the completion of landmark designations from the initial list, the commission may undertake to establish and maintain an ongoing list for the purpose of carrying out the objectives and purposes of this chapter. (Ord. 4694-NS § 2(g), 1974)