3.24.070 Powers and duties generally.

In connection with the foregoing power and authority, the commission may:

A.    Establish and maintain a list of structures, sites and areas deemed deserving of official recognition, although not yet designated as landmarks, historic districts or structures of merit, and take appropriate measures of recognition, as more fully set forth in Section 3.24.330 below;

B.    Carry out, assist and collaborate in studies and programs designed to identify and evaluate structures, sites and areas worthy of preservation, and establish archives where pictorial evidence of the structures and their architectural plans, if any, may be preserved and maintained;

C.    Consult with and consider the ideas and recommendations of civic groups, public agencies and citizens interested in historic preservation;

D.    Inspect structures, sites and areas which it has reason to believe worthy of preservation with the permission of the owner or the owner’s agent;

E.    Disseminate information to the public concerning those structures, sites and areas deemed worthy of preservation, and may encourage and advise property owners and members of the community generally in the protection, enhancement, perpetuation and use of landmarks, property in historic districts and other officially recognized property of historical or architectural interests;

F.    Consider methods other than those provided for in this chapter for encouraging and achieving historical or architectural preservation;

G.    Establish such policies, rules and regulations as it deems necessary to administer and enforce this chapter, subject to the approval of the City Council. (Ord. 5686-NS § 1 (part), 1985: Ord. 4694-NS § 2(i), 1974)