3.24.100 Landmarks, historic districts and structures of merit--Designation--Procedures required--Control and standards.

A.    Each designation of a landmark, historic districts or structure of merit by the commission shall include a description of the characteristics which justify its designation and a description of the particular features that should be preserved, and shall include the location and boundaries of the landmark site, historic district or structure of merit site. Any such designation shall be in furtherance of and in conformance with the purposes of this chapter and the standards set forth herein.

B.    The property included in any such designation shall upon designation be subject to the controls and standards set forth in this chapter. In addition, the said property shall be subject to the following further controls and standards if imposed by the designation:

1.    For a publicly owned landmark or structure of merit, review of proposed changes in major interior architectural features;

2.    For an historic district, such further controls and standards as the commission deems necessary or desirable, including but not limited to facade, setback, height controls, signs and public improvements.

The commission may, upon receipt of any significant new information, reconsider after two years any structure of merit and designate it as a landmark, subject to all the procedures set forth in this section for an original landmark designation. (Ord. 5686-NS § 1 (part), 1985: Ord. 4694-NS § 3, 1974)