3.24.290 Landmarks, historic districts and structures of merit--Good repair and maintenance required.

A.    The owner, lessee, or other person in actual charge of a landmark, a structure in an historic district or a structure of merit, shall keep in good repair all of the exterior portions of such landmark, structure in an historic district or structure of merit, all interior portions thereof when subject to control as specified in subsection (B)(1) of Section 3.24.100 of this chapter, and all interior portions of a building not subject to control as specified in subsection B, 1. of Section 3.24.100 the maintenance of which is necessary to prevent deterioration and/or structural decay of any exterior portion.

B.    For purpose of this section, "good repair" means the prevention of structural decay or structural failure or the prevention of irreparable damage to the major historic or architectural features of the structure.

C.    For purpose of this section, "landmark, historic districts and structure of merit sites" include the landscape features and amenities of the designated district when specifically included as a part of the designation. (Ord. 5686-NS § 1 (part), 1985: Ord. 5163-NS § 1 (part), 1979: Ord. 4694-NS § 8, 1974)