3.24.320 Property owned by public agencies--Cooperation--Consultation and report requirements.

A.    The commission shall take appropriate steps to notify all public agencies which own or may acquire property in the City about the existence and character of designated landmarks, historic districts and structures of merit, and the commission shall cause a current record of such landmarks, districts and structures of merit to be maintained in each public agency. In the case of any publicly owned property on a landmark site, or in an historic district which is not subject to the permit review procedures of the City, the agency owning the property shall seek the advice of the commission prior to approval or authorization of any construction, alteration or demolition thereon, including the placement of street furniture, lighting and landscaping; and the commission in consultation with the Design Review Committee of the Planning Commission, in appropriate cases, shall render a report to the owner as expeditiously as possible, based on the purposes and standards of this chapter. If commission review of a public project involving construction, alteration or demolition on a landmark site, in an historic district or on a structure of merit site is required under any other law or under the Charter, the commission shall render the report referred to in this section to such public agency without specific request therefor.

B.    All officers, boards, commissions, and departments of the City shall cooperate with the commission in carrying out the spirit and intent of this chapter. (Ord. 5686-NS § 1 (part), 1985: Ord. 4694-NS § 11, 1974)