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Chapter 11.04


11.04.010    Title for citation.

11.04.020    Purpose of provisions.

11.04.030    Scope--Applicability to existing construction.

11.04.040    Pending action or accrued rights not affected.

11.04.050    Rights under existing permits not affected.

11.04.060    Applicability to existing operations.

11.04.070    Continuation of existing law.

11.04.080    References applicable to amendments and additions.

11.04.090    Fee exemptions.

11.04.100    Delegation of authority and duties.

11.04.110    Alternate materials and methods--Approval required.

11.04.120    Organization of title--Effect of headings.

11.04.130    Required writings.

11.04.140    Severability.

11.04.150    Violations--Penalty.