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Chapter 11.32


11.32.010    Statutory provisions adopted.

11.32.020    Definitions.

11.32.030    Rodentproofing and extermination required.

11.32.040    Food product manufacture and storage restrictions.

11.32.050    Rodent harborage--Maintenance prohibited.

11.32.060    Rodent harborage--Notice to make rodentproof.

11.32.070    Accumulations creating rodent harborage prohibited.

11.32.080    Maintaining rodentproofing.

11.32.090    Procedures where rodentproofing is not feasible.

11.32.100    Premises subject to repeated infestation.

11.32.110    Docks and wharves.

* See Chapter 1.24 for abatement of nuisance by City.