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Chapter 11.40


11.40.010    Applicability of provisions.

11.40.020    Violations of title provisions declared public nuisances--Abatement.

11.40.030    Civil action authorized when.

11.40.040    Investigation of conditions--Declaration of public nuisance when.

11.40.050    Notice to abate--Issuance.

11.40.060    Notice to abate--Contents.

11.40.070    Notice to abate--Service and posting.

11.40.080    Discovery of information by owner or occupant.

11.40.090    Hearing on objections.

11.40.100    Notice of decision.

11.40.110    City to perform abatement when.

11.40.120    Costs of City abatement deemed lien.

11.40.130    Emergency abatement--Authorized when.

11.40.140    Emergency abatement--Notice.

11.40.150    Emergency abatement--Hearing of protests.

11.40.160    Emergency abatement--Settlement of objections.

* See Chapter 1.24 for abatement of nuisance by City.